Discussion List

COSI offers a free email discussion list. This list is only available to customers of SirsiDynix, not SirsiDynix employees, so you can talk openly and honestly about any matters regarding the company, its products or services, as well as User Group activities.

It is used to communicate on matters pertinent to users of SirsiDynix products, to provide a support forum made up of fellow users, and to communicate on User Group activities such as the annual conference etc.

It is not connected to or intended to replace any of the listservs web forums or other communication forums provided by SirsiDynix itself.

Any employee of an organisation who uses SirsiDynix products is welcome to join this email list, whether the organisation is a member of COSI or not.

To sign up to the list, please go to www.jiscmail.ac.uk/cosi.

We recommend you register yourself on this site with a password as this will allow access to secure areas such as the list archive, although this is not essential for subscribing.

To post to the list simply send an email to cosi@jiscmail.ac.uk.