COSI EMEA Constitution


1. Name

The name of this organisation is "Customers of SirsiDynix International (Europe, Middle East and Africa)", hereafter referred to as "COSI (EMEA)"

2. Purpose

  1. To facilitate the exchange of information and expertise between members on matters relating to all products of SirsiDynix
  2. To develop and encourage effective communication and good relations between members and SirsiDynix 
  3. To ensure all members are able to participate in the request process for SirsiDynix product development
  4. To encourage and assist in the formation of regional subgroups, special interest groups and module working parties
  5. To represent the interests of the users of all system platforms and applications provided by the company

3. Membership

  1. ‚ÄčMembership shall be open to any institution or consortium in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, which has a current software service agreement with SirsiDynix International and which has paid any requisite membership fees to COSI (EMEA)
  2. Each member institution or consortium shall be entitled to:
    1. one vote at any election
    2. two conference places at member rate
    3. iii) multiple mailing list members
  3. Consortium members are required to provide one named contact who will be responsible for the membership and will ensure the consortium vote is assigned to a member of the consortium when attending COSI meetings
  4. Consortium members may request consortia membership or institutional membership but not both. 
  5. In addition, any institution which has a current software service agreement with SirsiDynix may become an associate member with no entitlement to vote in elections
  6. A membership fee may be charged per institutional member or consortium. The amount and frequency of collection shall be determined by the committee with any fee or subsequent increase requiring approval at the annual general meeting
  7. The organisation shall operate on a not-for-profit financial basis

4. Officers

  1. The business of the group shall be managed by a committee of a minimum four officers, to include a Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer
  2. The committee may co-opt members to additional posts, or to share posts, as required to ensure the purposes of COSI (EMEA) are met
  3. An officer must be an employee of an institutional member
  4. All officers shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting by majority vote
  5. The Chair may serve for a maximum consecutive period of tenure of three years
  6. Officers may be removed by majority vote of a quorum of the membership at any business meeting

5. Meetings

  1. There shall be an Annual General Meeting, held within the United Kingdom, and at least one other business meeting per year
  2. The committee shall determine the date and location of each general meeting, giving at least 40 days’ notice to all member institutions
  3. Emergency General Meetings may be called by the committee, at no less than 15 days’ notice to all member institutions
  4. Any number of representatives from an institutional or consortial member may attend meetings but only one representative is entitled to vote
  5. Representatives from SirsiDynix, its distributors and partner organisations may attend each meeting before or after a closed session of members
  6. Prospective customers of SirsiDynix may attend general meetings of COSI (EMEA) as observers at the discretion of the committee
  7. The committee shall endeavour to organise a conference each year to provide an opportunity for members, in a social setting, to enhance their understanding of library ICT applications and the uses made of them by members

6. Voting

  1. Each institutional or consortial member shall designate an individual to vote on its behalf
  2. All voting matters require a quorum of 20 percent of members eligible to vote
  3. Amendments to this constitution shall be made by a two-thirds majority vote
  4. The election of officers and non-constitutional motions put to a general meeting shall be decided by a majority vote

7. Advisory Panels

  1. A formal panel or task group to advise the company on application developments or other customer needs e.g. Symphony Development Forum may be established by agreement between SirsiDynix International and the committee
  2. Membership and replacement members of such panels shall be approved by the committee, which will receive and consider nominations from members
  3. A balance of representation on such a panel shall be sought, where possible, between different application platforms, library sectors, and geographical locations
  4. The chair of such a panel may be co-opted on to the committee as an ex-officio member
  5. Members are at liberty to establish informal sub-groups to share experience and information, and to promote the improvement of the company's products

Dissolution of the Organisation

  1. This organisation may dissolve itself, or merge with another organisation with similar purposes, by agreement of a two-thirds majority of the voting members of a general meeting
  2. Sixty days’ notice of a proposal to do this shall be published to all member institutions
  3. Disposal of the assets of the organisation, in accordance with its stated purposes, shall be proposed by the committee and agreed at the general meeting